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Course Credit and Testing

Credit by Examination

Credit by examination allows students, who already possess a college level understanding of general education subjects, to more quickly earn a degree or certificate. Therefore, ASU-Beebe will award credit by examination to students who meet the following criteria:

  1. Examinee is a current ASU-Beebe student.
  2. Student provides an Advanced Placement (AP), CLEP, or DANTES/DSST transcript, which lists a minimum credit bearing score for an exam title appears on one of the corresponding exam tables printed below or published on the Credit by Exam section of the ASU-Beebe website.
  3. Student has not completed-regardless of grade (I, W, F, AU)-an equivalent or more advanced course at ASU-Beebe or another accredited institution.
  4. AP, CLEP, DANTES/DSST scores are not more than 3 years old.
  5. Student secured the AP, CLEP, or DANTES/DSST score prior to earning 60 traditional credit hours or 30 non-traditional credit hours.

Credit will be posted to the student's transcript without grades or grade points after the student completes one semester at ASU-Beebe. If a student is enrolled in the corresponding course for which he or she will receive credit, the student is responsible for either officially dropping the course to receive credit by examination or continuing in the course until it is completed and receive no credit by examination.

NOTE: Credit hours earned through credit by examination are included in the total maximum hours of Non-Traditional credit (30 for Associate degrees).  Technical Certificates can earn/use up to one half the required credits for the certificate. Certificates of Proficiency can earn/use up to one half of the required credits and must complete two courses at ASU-Beebe.

Advanced Placement (AP)

AP Exam Title Score  Course Credit 
Art History  3 ART 2503 - Fine Arts Visual
Studio Art Drawing 4 ART 1033 - Drawing I 
Studio Art 2-D Design 4 ART 1013 - Design I 
Biology 3 BIOL 1014 - Principles of Biology
Calculus AB 3 MATH 2205 - Calculus I 
Calculus BC 3 MATH 2205 - Calculus II 
    MATH 2215 - Calculus II 
Chemistry 4 CHEM 1014 - General Chemistry I 
  5 CHEM 1014 - General Chemistry I 
    CHEM 1024 - General Chemistry II 
Macroeconomics 3 ECON 2313 - Priniciples of Macroeconmics
Microeconomics  3 ECON 2323 - Principles of Microeconomics 
English Language & Composition 3 ENG 1003 - Freshman English I 
  4 ENG 1003 - Freshman English I 
Statistics 3 MATH 2233 - Applied Statistics 
United States Government & Politics 3 POSC 2103 - Introduction to US Government 
United States History  3 HIST 2763 - The United States to 1876
  4 HIST 2763 - The United States to 1876
    HIST 2773 - The United States since 1876
World History  3 HIST 1013 - World Civilization to 1660
    HIST 1023 - World Civilization since 1660

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP Exam Title  Score Course Credit 
American Government 50 POSC 2103 - Introduction to US Government
American Literature 50 ENG 2303 - American Literature I 
    ENG 2313 - American Literature II 
Biology 50 BIOL 1014 - Principles of Biology 

College Composition (not modular)

50 ENG 1003 - Freshman English I 
Calculus  50 Math 2205 - Calculus I 
Chemistry  50 CHEM 1014 - General Chemistry I &
    CHEM 1024 - General Chemistry II
College Algebra 50 MATH 1023 - College Algebra 
College Math 50 Math 1043 - Quanititative Literacy 
Financial Accounting 50 ACCT 2003 - Principles of Accounting I 
    ACCT 2013 - Principles of Accounting II
French Language 50 FREN 1013 - French I 
  55 FREN 1013 - French I 
    FREN 1023 - French II 
  60 FREN 1013 - French I 
    FREN 1023 - French II 
    FREN 2013 - French III 
History of the United States I  50 HIST 2763 - The United States to 1876
History of the United States II 50 HIST 2773 - The United States since 1876
Human Growth & Development 50 PSY 2533 - Lifespan Development 
Humanities  50 (Choose one three hour course) 
    ART 2503 - Fine Arts Visual OR
    ENG 2003 - World Literature I OR 
    ENG 2013 - World Literature II
Info Systems & Computer Applications 50 CIS 1503 - Microcomputer Applications I 
Introductory Business Law 50 LAW 2023 - The Legal Environment of Business 
Introductory Psychology 50 PSY 2013 - Introduction to Psychology
Introductory Sociology 50 SOC 2213 - Principles of Sociology
Natural Sciences  50 BIOL 1014 - Principles of Biology 
    PHSC 1204 - Physical Science 
Pre-calculus  50 MATH 1054 - Pre-calculus 
Principles of Macroeconomics 50 ECON 2313 - Principles of Macroeconomics 
Principles of Management 50 MGMT 2003 - Introduction to Management 
Principles of Marketing 50 BUS 1013 - Introduction to Business
Principles of Microeconomics 50 ECON 2323 - Principles of Microeconomics 
Social Sciences & History 50 HIST 1013 - World Civilization to 1660
  55 HIST 1013 - World Civilization to 1660
    HIST 1023 - World Civilization since 1660
Spanish Language 50 SPAN 1013 - Spanish I 
  55 SPAN 1013 - Spanish I
    SPAN 1023  - Spanish II 
  60 SPAN 1013 - Spanish I 
    SPAN 1023 - Spanish II 
    SPAN 2013 - Spanish III 
Western Civilization I  50 HIST 1013 -  World Civilization to 1660
Western Civilization II  50 HIST 1023 - World Civilization since 1660

DANTES Subject Standardized Test (DSST)

DSST Exam Title  Score Course Credit
Art of the Western World 400 ART 2503 - Fine Arts-Visual
Environment and Humanity 400 ESCI 1004 - Intro to Environmental Science
Ethics in America  400 PHIL 2003 - Applied Ethics 
Fundamentals of College Algebra 400 MATH 1023 -  College Algebra 
Here's to Your Health 400 HLTH 2513 - Principles of Personal Health 
Human Cultural Geography 400 GEOG 2613 - Introduction to Geography
Introduction to World Religions  400 SOC 2263 - Comparative Religion
Lifespan Development Psychology 400 PSY 2533 - Lifespan Development 
Personal Finance  400 FIN 1013 - Personal Finance 
Principles of Physical Science  400 PHSC 1204 - Physical Science 
Principles of Public Speaking 400 SPCH 1203 - Oral Communications 
Principles of Statistics 400 MATH 2233 - Applied Statistics 
Principles of Supervision 400 MGMT 2043 - Supervisory Management
Technical Writing  400 ENG 2033 - Technical Writing 

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