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The Speech and Theatre program provides opportunities for students to develop a wide range of communication and theatrical skills. These in turn enrich the student's academic, professional, and cultural life. Whether or not you seek a career in the performing arts, theatre study provides opportunities for students to develop presentation skills and cultural awareness applicable to a variety of career paths. Attention is given to the development of an intellectual and aesthetic appreciation for the human experience. Students may take advantage of these opportunities through enrollment in program courses and through participation in the curricular and extra-curricular theatre productions.

The Theatre Department offers the Associate of Fine Arts degree and expects that students majoring in theatre have a more serious and/or career focus on the theatrical arts. 

The ASUB AFA in Theatre is partitioned into two discipline-specific emphases.  Students pursuing the ASU-Beebe AFA in Theatre will receive in-depth coursework in performance or technical and design aspects. The curriculum is deep (and articulation has been/is being negotiated with many four-year programs). At present, admission to either AFA track is open; however, a mid-track review will determine retention in the major. AFA majors must pass a second semester jury (an audition for performers; a portfolio presentation for designer/technicians) to continue the AFA candidacy. Students who do not pass AFA juries are reassigned to the AA Theatre Emphasis track.

Each year the ASU-Beebe Theatre presents a series of curricular productions in order to enrich the educational and cultural environment of the students.  Program productions are selected from a variety of historical periods, theatrical styles, and ideological viewpoints in order to provide our students with the maximum educational laboratories. As such they are designed to enhance student academic growth, artistic expression, and intellectual freedom.  Students are trained to reach high levels of achievement in their disciplines. The theatre program provides students with training in both performance and production skills. All students are encouraged to develop an appreciation of the role theatre plays in the development of culture.

Area of Study




Total Program

60 Credit Hours

The fourth digit in the course number indicates the number of credit hours. 

University Requirement - 1 or 3 hours

University Requirement Department
The 3-hour credit course is required for students who must take at least one remedial course.  Students who are not required to take a remedial course may take the 3-hour credit course.  In both situations, the courses (1-hour or 3-hour) count toward electives.
UNIV 1001 Principles of Academic Success I University
UNIV 1003 Principles of Academic Success III University

General Education Core - 37 hours

English/Literature - 12 hours

English/Literature Department
ENG 1003 Freshman English I English
ENG 1013 Freshman English II English
ENG 2003 World Literature I English
ENG 2013 World Literature II English

Mathematics - 3 hours

Mathematics Department
MATH 1043 Quantitative Literacy Mathematics
A student may take a MATH course higher than MATH 1043  

Speech - 3 hours

Speech Department
SPCH 1203 Oral Communications Speech

Fine Arts - 3 hours

Fine Arts Department
Choose one course below.
ART 2503 Fine Arts-Visual Art
MUS 2503 Fine Arts-Musical Music
THEA 2503 Fine Arts-Theatre Theatre
THEA 2513 Fine Arts-Film Theatre

History - 6 hours

History Department
Choose one course below.
HIST 2763 The United States to 1876 History
HIST 2773 The United States Since 1876 History
 History Department
Choose one course below.
HIST 1013 World Civilization to 1660 History
HIST 1023 World Civilization since 1660 History

Social Sciences - 6 hours

Social Sciences Department

Select two courses that have not been used from the departments below.

CIS (Computer Information Systems), HIST (History), SOC (Sociology), POSC (Political Science), ECON (Economics), PSY (Psychology), or GEOG (Geography)  

Lab Science - 4 hours

Lab Science Department
Choose one course below. 
BIOL 1004 Biology for General Education Biological Science
BIOL 1014 Principles of Biology Biological Science
BIOL 1024 Ecology Biological Science
BIOL 2104 Microbiology Biological Science
BOT 1104 General Botany Botany
ZOOL 1014 Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology Zoology
ZOOL 1304 Principles of Zoology I Zoology
ZOOL 1314 Principles of Zoology II Zoology
ZOOL 2004 Human Anatomy and Physiology I Zoology
ZOOL 2014 Human Anatomy and Physiology II Zoology
CHEM 1014 General Chemistry I Chemistry
CHEM 1024 General Chemistry II Chemistry
CHEM 1034 Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry Chemistry
CHEM 2104 Organic Chemistry I Chemistry
CHEM 2114 Organic Chemistry II Chemistry
ESCI 1004 Introduction to Environmental Science Environmental Science
PHSC 1204 Physical Science Physical Science
PHSC 1304 Earth Science Physical Science
PHYS 1014 Applied Physics for Health Science Physics
PHYS 2054 General Physics I Physics
PHYS 2064 General Physics II Physics
PHYS 2074 University Physics I Physics
PHYS 2084 University Physics II Physics

 Theatre Core - 14 hours

Theatre Core Department
THEA 1003 Introduction to Theatre Theatre
THEA 1213 Acting I Theatre
THEA 2223 Fundamentals of Stagecraft Theatre
THEA 1261 Theatre Practicum I Theatre
THEA 1271 Theatre Practicum II Theatre
THEA 2233 Play Analysis Theatre

 Theatre Electives - 9 hours

Theatre Electives Department

Choose three courses below.

THEA 1323 Introduction to Scenic Rendering Theatre
THEA 1233 Costume Construction Theatre
THEA 2143 Stage Lighting Theatre
THEA 1223 Stage Makeup Theatre
THEA 2123 Movement and Dance for the Stage Theatre
THEA 1293 Stage Combat I Theatre
THEA 2153 Voice and Diction Theatre
THEA 2023 Acting for the Musical Theatre Theatre
THEA 2213 Acting II Theatre
THEA 1303 Ballet I Theatre
THEA 1253 Stage Management Theatre

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